Huntertown, Ind. (WANE) – Flooding caused a family to have a close encounter with rising water levels, a collapsed basement, and the near-loss of a beloved dog.

“It kind of looked like a waterfall was pouring in.”

Tristan Allman

Tuesday night’s storms took many by surprise.

One of those caught in shock due to swelling water was Tristan Allman.

“I realized half my basement wall had collapsed. A bunch of water was just pouring in, and it kind of looked like a waterfall was pouring in,” he said.

The basement wall collapsing caused Allman’s house to be condemned later. But at the time, she wasn’t worried about the damage to her house.

She was worried about her dogs.

The four of them are a big part of her life, and when she packed them up, her heart sunk realizing she had forgotten Cooper behind.

Cooper, who Allman described as a stubborn pup, had decided to stay in the house as chaos surrounded him.

As firefighters warned Allman to keep away from the house that was becoming increasingly dangerous. she knew she needed to plead for Cooper’s life.

“It’s just chaos and we’re begging [the firemen] to get the dog out, you know because we can’t leave him behind.” said Allman.

At first the firefighters didn’t want to risk anything over the trapped dog, but after Allman continued to beg them, they took action.

“So they ended up busting out my bedroom window.”

Once the window was opened Cooper was able to be safely rescued, although Allman said that the ever-stubborn dog didn’t even want to get in the car.

With their whole family in tow, Allman and her roommate left for a place to stay.

They have been waiting for their insurance to inform them how much money they will recoup from the damages.

Allman’s coworkers have set up a GoFundMe to help make sure both Allman, her roommate, and their family of four-legged friends fall back on their feet.

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