Did you hear that earth-shaking boom? It was just dynamite

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A loud and earth-shaking boom in Huntington County mid-afternoon Friday caused a bit of panic, but law enforcement said it was just business as usual.

Whitney McBride told NewsChannel 15 she heard a “large boom” that appeared to be an earthquake or sonic boom near Markle. McBride said she heard similar reports out of Ossian and Huntington. Other viewers told NewsChannel 15 the loud noise could be heard in Warren and Huntington and shook homes in the area.

The Huntington County Sheriff’s Department told NewsChannel 15 the cause of the boom was not an earthquake or sonic boom, but rather – dynamite.

Dispatchers said a stone quarry near Huntington, Irving Materials, Inc., had a scheduled dynamite blast at the site.

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