FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Recent developments in southeast Fort Wayne, both public and private, have targeted key issues like housing and food availability in the 6th district.

So much so that 6th district Councilwoman Sharon Tucker has described the momentum as having “the wind at their back.”

Soon, that wind will grow even stronger with the development of ‘Hope Unleashed,’ a multi-faceted program that has an early education facility and a clinic at its center.

“It meets an additional need (education and health) specifically in that neighborhood,” Tucker said.

The educational needs will be met in a new 20,000-square-foot facility. Enough to teach 200 children, with 120 being in full daycare.

“Affordable and accessible childcare is something really important in our community,” said Kelli Packnett, early childhood development director at Bridge of Grace.

The care is primarily focused on infants and toddlers, two of which are just for preschool. It’s an age group that Hope Unleashed said is vital for learning.

“By the time you’re 5, 90% of your brain has been developed, that’s a pretty astonishing statistic,” Packnett said. “That time is when we’re really getting those brain-building experiences.”

The other component of the new construction is a health clinic.

“It’s going to be a great virtual care clinic run through Parkview,” Packnett said.

The clinic will be run by a nurse on site, and the doctor will be accessed virtually using tools that will help the doctor to provide quality care.

The current development on ‘Hope Unleashed’

All in all, the project will cost $15 million, and with City Council approaching a $1 million Legacy Fund contribution, it’s a number that’s almost been completed.

“We’ll be at $14 million in a few months, and after that, we just have one more million to go for the building,” said Javier Mondragon, CEO and founder of Bridge of Grace.

Construction has started on the facility that will be right next to where Bridge of Grace currently sits on Elmrow Drive.

To learn more, you can visit the Hope Unleashed website.