FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Forty-six new apartments are now set to be built on Evard and Maplecrest roads.

The project is an addition to an already existing 40-unit complex called “Evard Place,” and that original project was a point of contention while Fort Wayne City Council deliberated on allowing a rezoning for the new addition.

“I can say that my trust level with the developer is low,” said 2nd District Councilman Russ Jehl on Aug. 1 when City Council originally discussed the rezoning.

And from that conversation, it seemed that City Council was set to vote against the project due to unfulfilled promises from the last project. However, Jehl worked out a list of requirements with the developer to complete in order for City Council to approve the rezoning on Tuesday.

  • 1). Level the ground at the easement on the east side to fill in the swale and uneven ground by the sidewalk and plant replant grass on those areas and at the ditch bottom.
  • 2). Replant the trees Indiana Michigan Power cut down out of easement.
  • 3). Add a playground 
  • 4). Fill in the fence at the end of the drives.

  All work will be completed by Nov. 1, 2023.

Although Jehl is weary of the developer over what he deems unfulfilled promises from the prior development, he wants to make it work.

“Rather than it lose-lose, I think there is a common-sense solution where the developer is going to make sure they finish off Phase 1 before going onto Phase 2,” Jehl said. “If the developer does not follow through, I have council’s word that they will help enforce that with me.”

With the confidence gained through the developer’s promise to finish the last project, the rezoning was approved 5-1, with only Jehl voting against the project.

Even though Jehl helped the project get across the finish line and worked to get the developer on the same page, he said he couldn’t vote yes in good confidence.