Demonstrators gather in defense of Second Amendment

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People gathered in cities across the country Saturday to defend the second amendment, a reaction to last month’s March for Our Lives, demonstrators say their rights are under attack.

On Saturday, March 24, hundreds gathered outside the Allen County courthouse, calling for changes in gun laws, inspired by nationwide protests in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting.

Fast forward to Saturday, hundreds more gathered at the same spot, also part of a nationwide movement, to show support for the second amendment.

“Whether you’re black, brown, red or green, they came together to fight for this,” Omarh Williams said. “Why? Because we see our rights as law abiding citizens have been picked away.”

The protesters say attacks on the second amendment lead to the end of other rights and that those attacks have reached a fever pitch after the Florida shooting.

“To those Parkland victims that you had to go through that. I am,” Williams added. “A shooting is a traumatic experience, but accountability is on all playing fields. You guys didn’t try to be his friend. You guys didn’t speak up for that young man, he was a victim until he wasn’t a victim no more, and at that time you became the victim, so why are we speaking to you when we didn’t speak for him.”

Among the crowd, Republican City Councilman Jason Arp. He spoke during the rally, just as Mayor Tom Henry did during the March for Our Lives.

“I think that it’s important that we, people who support the second amendment, do come out and speak and let people know that there are some of us that support our constitutional rights to defend ourselves,” Arp explained.

He told NewsChannel 15 city council members across Indiana are taking up gun restriction debates. Nothing like that has happened in Fort Wayne though.

“They are introducing ordinances that limit our second amendment rights,” Arp added. “They’re asking the state to intervene to do things.  Obviously cities don’t have the ability to regulate guns.” 

No counter-protesters were seen on surrounding streets while NewsChannel 15 was at the event.

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