DeKalb High School students spread positivity in ‘Do Good December’

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AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) — Students at DeKalb High School are looking to spread positivity this month.

Do Good December is a part of an initiative to teach students life skills that can’t be found in a book.

“We have a climate and culture committee here at the high school and we come up with monthly themes and ways that we can promote kindness, generosity, anything positive here at the school,” said Carrie Wisehart, assistant principal. “Do Good December is just another way for students to promote kindness with one another, with the staff.”

The committee picks certain objectives for each student to meet, such as doing a good deed or cut back on negativity. However, the specifics of what students do each month is very much driven by the students themselves.

“It’s so exciting because the kids are so innovative,” said Darcy Brown, English teacher. “As an older adult, you think, okay, I think I got some cool ideas, and then the kids will just blow your mind on some of the things that they want to do.”

It is something that the students get really excited about it. As of December 1, the student body had 33 projects they are working on amongst their homerooms. One of the early tasks was writing encouraging notes to teachers, but students are also doing deeds like writing letters to soldiers, giving muffins to bus drivers, and giving candy to teachers. All the while, they’re learning practical skills like collaboration, communication, empathy and more that they can carry with them into adulthood.

“I would think those experiences that can’t be learned in a textbook are those experiences,” said sophomore Will Hopper. “Just be nice to somebody, communication, it can help you later on in life, like get a better job and be successful, which I feel is very important.”

“I think it’s something that schools should teach,” sophomore Linzee Ramer added. “Even if it isn’t from a textbook. It’s something that I think everyone needs to know. And our school does a pretty good job of it.”

Plus, it gives something for students and staff alike to look forward to.

“We’re just trying to spend that Christmas cheer, even if it’s a little small, random acts of kindness in the building makes a huge impact,” said senior Travers Mason, who serves as Student Body President. “I would just encourage other schools or other organizations to pursue something similar. It’s a great way to provide that outlet for employees or students, just to have that outlet to say thanks.”

The school also has calendars around the school with suggestions on how students can do good in December outside of the homeroom projects as well as at home.

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