DECATUR, Ind. (WANE) – If you have ever met Curtis Delk Rose in Decatur, you have probably seen him wearing a purple shirt. In fact, he owns at least 50 of them. People for years have called him the “Purple Poet.”

Rose loves everything purple. It is his favorite color. He has a purple trash can, phone, chair, bowling ball that used to belong to his mother, stapler, tape, set of hammers, fan, and so much more. He says he has personally never met anyone who owns more purple items than him.

Purple is special for Rose because of his spiritual background. He has read the Bible in its original Greek language and he believes purple might have been God’s favorite color. While purple is not mentioned more in the Bible than other colors, it is mentioned in a way that seems to indicate it is a more important color. Kings and rich people would wear the color and purple dye was more expensive than other colors in those ancient times.

There is something special and peculiar about the color purple, according to Rose. Around the world, there are stores that sell only purple items. Rose once visited a gift shop in Oklahoma where everything was purple; there were aisles of purple clothing and toys.

As for the origin of his nickname, it relates to the poetry he has written. He first became interested in poetry when he lived in Nashville, Tennessee. One of the most famous poets in Nashville had his own television show. Rose would attend the televised poetry readings of Joe Spear every so often. One time, they had an open microphone on the show for poets in the audience. Rose was called on by Spear to read one of his poems. Spear called him the “Purple Poet” when he was called up, since, naturally, he was wearing a purple shirt. The nickname has stuck with him ever since.

Nowadays, Rose is a “Mobius Band” concept sculptor in Decatur. This is a type of sculpting where each piece of the sculpture has a single surface and a single continuous edge. You can read about it here.