FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A new program encourages home owners to make improvements to their property in some areas of Fort Wayne.

“Curb Appeal” gives eligible property owners the chance to repair or enhance the looks of their property starting April 10.

The City listed six goals of the program:

  • Assist in neighborhood revitalization and improve its appearance and image
  • Improve the value of housing within eligible neighborhoods
  • Provide property owners with resources to make improvements to the exterior of their homes and their property
  • Assist with improvement projects and investments that may not otherwise take place
  • Encourage further investment by neighboring and nearby property owners
  • Promote safe housing

Examples of eligible projects could include adding, maintaining or removing fences, trees or shrubs, or painting/washing the exterior of the home, the City said.

The program matches funds for residents who meet the eligibility requirements on a first-come, first-serve basis until all program funds are allocated. Eligible neighborhoods are ones that have been recently involved in developing a neighborhood plan in partnership with the Community Development Division and the Neighborhood Planning and Activation Workgroup.

“Neighborhoods are the backbone of our community,” Mayor Tom Henry said. “It’s critical that we continue to find new ways to make a positive difference to ensure our neighborhoods remain strong and vibrant.”

Details and instructions to apply are on the website.