FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The Fort Wayne Street Department and private contractors continue to pick up debris placed near curbs in Waynedale and Aboite neighborhoods in the southern portion of the city.

WANE 15 last checked in on progress regarding cleanup efforts on July 8. We reported that cleanup will most likely take the remainder of July and that the majority of Waynedale had been cleaned up, according to Assistant Street Commissioner Trent Hogue.

Ten days later, we checked in with city officials after multiple inquiries regarding streets in Waynedale that still had tree branches lined up along the curb were sent to WANE 15.

Residents wanted to know if they needed to call 311 and request a pickup or not.

WANE 15 asked city administration if there are still street department crews or private contractors working in Waynedale, and if they’re keeping track of completed streets on the original map sent out that showed which areas would get a city pickup. If so, we asked them to share the map showing which streets were completed and which still needed to be cleared.

We received this response from Shan Gunawardena, the Director of Fort Wayne’s Public Works division:

“We have contracted crews still working in the Waynedale area. We have assigned areas to various contractors and are checking on their work with our inspectors. Waynedale was hit very hard and it will take a few weeks before all of the debris is collected, provided we don’t have any more storms. We do not have a map of areas completed and incomplete that we can provide to you because we don’t have the resources. In the Aboite area, everything south of Aboite Center Road is complete with the exception of Highway 24. We’re working north of Aboite Center to the city limits.”