FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) —Allen County health officials say even though COVID-19 cases are trending back up, they are not seeing as many severe cases in the area.

They say hospitalizations have not increased and the number of people needing ventilators is very low.

Officials say they saw 399 positive cases within the last week.

However, those numbers don’t include people who use home testing kits.

Health officials say it is not necessary to do additional testing with them if you have tested at home.

They say their biggest concern is for people older than 65 and those with health problem.

Dr. Matthew Sutter says it’s hard to predict when spikes will happen and they just need to be prepared for anything.

“We are at a point that COVID will probably be with us forever and we hope that year by year it gets better as more people get vaccinated and more people if they get infected and survive develop some level of immunity. It’s more of a management thing rather than a crisis response thing.” Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Matthew Sutter said.

In Indiana, around 50% of people are vaccinated and Sutter says by now people have made up their mind about doing it or not.