FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Fort Wayne woman is accused of handling a gun possibly used in a recent homicide and misleading investigators about what happened to it afterward, according Allen Superior Court documents.

Fort Wayne Police arrested 33-year-old Teara R. Harris earlier this week on a count of assisting a criminal when that criminal committed murder or a Level 1 or Level 2 felony and a misdemeanor count of false informing.

According to court documents, Harris is likely wrapped up in an Oliver Street shooting this past Sunday that left one man dead and another in life-threatening condition.

As of yet, nobody has been charged in the shooting death of 27-year-old Dequavius Devonte Tyler or another man who showed up at a local hospital after shots were fired in the 5000 block of Oliver Street early that morning.

Teara Harris

Two men, though, were taken into custody after police chased a black SUV leaving the area at a high rate of speed. One of those men, 29-year-old Isaac D. Martin, Jr., ran from the vehicle and tried to hide under a pickup truck, according to court records.

Martin is now facing a felony charge of resisting law enforcement by fleeing in a vehicle.

According to court documents, investigators recorded calls Martin made from Allen County Jail after his arrest to Harris where he gave her instructions on where to find the gun used in the shooting.

In those calls, Martin told Harris to go in between some houses where she would find the weapon, court documents said.

Harris admitted to police that she set up three-way calls with herself, Martin and another person to facilitate finding the gun, according to court documents.

In an interview with detectives, Harris said she met with a man not identified in court documents in the area where the gun was found. She said this man gave her a gun wrapped in a T-shirt and she took the gun to her cousin, who is also unidentified in court documents.

This cousin told Harris he would “take care of it,” she told detectives.

She then pinpointed to investigators the home where the gun would be found, information which they used to obtain a search warrant in an attempt to recover the gun.

A search of that home turned up nothing, according to court documents.

Detectives then spoke with the man who supposedly first gave Harris the gun. This witness said during an interview that Harris had asked him to meet her in the area where Martin had been arrested for fleeing police shortly after the Oliver Street shooting.

He told police the gun was found in some bushes there by Martin’s cousin, and that the gun was empty without a clip. The witness told police Martin’s cousin met with Harris and gave her the gun, according to court documents.

The witness had never given Harris the gun wrapped in a T-shirt like she claimed in her interview, the man told police.

Officers took Harris into custody Wednesday. They read Harris her Miranda rights, which she stated she understood. Before they could begin questioning her, she said she wanted to speak with an attorney, according to court documents.

That’s when police arrested her.

Harris is currently being held in Allen County Jail until a hearing scheduled for Wednesday, according to court records.