FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – There appeared to be a plan.

Take the clothes off the racks, use a magnet to remove the security tags and the simply leave with the merchandise. If anyone got in the way, there was always the pepper spray.

That’s according to Allen Superior Court documents detailing the Black Friday arrests of two women who, working together, are accused of stealing roughly $6,000 worth of goods from the Macy’s at Glenbrook Square Mall.

One of the women is accused of using pepper spray on loss-prevention officers chasing her as she tried to leave.

Fort Wayne Police arrested 44-year-old Veronica L. Alexander and 37-year-old Shavan N. Campbell on various charges this past Friday as they tried to exit the Macy’s.

According to court documents, loss prevention officers noticed Alexander and Campbell removing security tags from clothes and then try to conceal them before exiting the store without paying for anything.

While attempting to flee the store, Alexander is accused of disbursing a chemical agent containing 2-percent Oleoresin Capsicum – or pepper spray – at two loss prevention officers, court documents said.

Both officers were hit with the spray.

After police arrived, Campbell is accused of giving officers a fake name and refusing to properly identify herself. It took investigators running her fingerprints through a police database to come up with her real name, court documents said.

Both Campbell and Alexander are accused of stealing roughly $3,000 worth of merchandise each, according to court documents.

Alexander was booked into Allen County Jail on preliminary felony charges of battery, theft and strong-arm robbery. Campbell was booked into jail on a preliminary felony charge of theft and a misdemeanor charge of false informing.

Campbell is on monitored release while Alexander was released on bond.