FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – At first, he looked like he was giving up.

The man came to the intersection of Lake Avenue and Maplecrest Road on Saturday evening after leading multiple police agencies on a chase through two counties at speeds in excess of 100 miles-per-hour. When he saw the New Haven Police officer outside his squad car at the blocked off intersection, the man took his hands off the wheel of his car and held them in the air.

That’s when he put his left hand out the window and slowly extended his middle finger.

Investigators say 65-year-old Mark Eric Lane then sped toward the officer and almost ran him over – prompting gunfire – before leading police on a further chase to his home where he battered a K-9 unit near his home until finally taken into custody.

Mark Eric Lane

Lane is facing felony charges of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, resisting law enforcement with a vehicle and resisting law enforcement causing bodily injury, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

According to those court documents, Auburn Police officers were chasing Lane – driving a black Mercedes – on Interstate 69 in the area of the 332 mile marker at about 7 p.m. when Fort Wayne Police joined in the pursuit. Speeds reached close to 117 miles per hour as Lane crossed from DeKalb County into Allen County, court documents said.

At some point, he got off the interstate and came to the intersection of Lake and Maplecrest, court documents said.

Awaiting him there was a New Haven Police officer identified in court documents as Sgt. L. Sell.

Lane stopped his car abruptly, put his hands up and then gave Sell the obscene gesture, court documents said. Sell pulled out his gun once he saw Lane’s hands go back to the wheel. Lane is then accused of trying to run over Sell, who took several steps backwards in an attempt to not be hit by Lane’s car and keep himself from being pinned against his squad car, according to court documents.

Sell fired three shots at the vehicle.

Another New Haven Police officer, identified in court documents as Officer M. Doughty, was trying to find stop sticks in his car when he heard Sell order Lane to stop. When he saw the car try to ram Sell, Doughty also fired three shots at the vehicle.

None of the shots struck Lane, court documents said, and he missed hitting any officer with his vehicle.

Police continued to chase Lane to the area of his home in the 7500 block of Scarlet Court. There, Lane got out of the car and tried to run. An officer with the Fort Wayne Police Department sent a K-9 after Lane, according to court documents.

The K-9 bit Lane, who is accused of swinging the dog with his arm and slamming the animal into a car. Officers tried to take Lane into custody, but he’s accused of resisting and running from them some more, court documents said.

The K-9 unit chased Lane again, bit him again, but Lane is accused of trying to put all his weight on the animal’s neck in an attempt to injure the dog, court documents said. Lane is accused of then resisting officers by pulling his arms away from them and knocked one of their body cameras from a uniform, according to court documents.

The Fort Wayne Police officer who released the K-9 wrote in court documents that Lane resisted with such force the officer suffered abrasions on his right and left hands and blood from Lane ended up on his forearms.

Lane told officers he had a suspended license and claimed he was not speeding, court documents said. He also told officers in court documents he felt they would stop chasing him if he ran from them long enough. Lane also said he tried to make it to his home in an effort to not be bitten by the dog.

Along with the felonies, police have also charged Lane with misdemeanor counts of striking a law enforcement officer, resisting law enforcement by fleeing and disregarding an official traffic control device, disregarding a stop sign, operating a vehicle with expired plates and speeding.