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Two months after the New Haven city court was closed, questions remain about unpaid traffic tickets.

The court, once located at New Haven City Hall was closed at the end of 2018, but unresolved cases and unpaid tickets were still in the system at the time. 

After a viewer with a suspended license reached out to WANE 15 News, unsure where to pay her ticket, we went looking for answers.

With a call to city hall, you can find an option for questions about tickets. Tested twice, WANE 15 News found that route of dialing leads to the call being disconnected. A call to the mayor’s office went unreturned. 

New Haven Police Chief Henry McKinnon said he was under the impression unpaid tickets were being sorted out. He referred people with questions to concact city attorney Ann Trzynka, who he said was working on a solution to the problem. She told WANE 15 she is working on transitioning cases to Allen County.

WANE 15 also reached out to the Allen County clerk of courts. That led to a call to the traffic and misdemeanor division. The people there said they’ve been taking questions from callers about unpaid New Haven tickets. A supervisor told WANE 15 that Allen County Superior Court Judge Fran Gull has been working with the state to figure out a permanent resolution, and the department expected it “soon.” Gull has not returned a call either. 

WANE 15 News continues to search for an answer to the question: “where should unpaid tickets be taken care of?” This story will be updated when new information is uncovered. 

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