FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A confinement officer at the Allen County Jail was hospitalized Thursday night after he was attacked, according to Sheriff David Gladieux.

Medics were called around 8:30 p.m. to the jail.

Gladieux said the confinement officer was picked up and slammed to the concrete floor, and believed to be knocked unconscious.

The officer was attacked in A Block, part of the original jail built in 1981 where there are no call buttons, according to Steve Stone, public information officer for the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.

Allen County Sheriff’s Department public information officer Steve Stone said the officer was there for lockdown and the inmate in question didn’t want to go into his cell. The inmate did finally go into his cell, but once the officer closed the cell door, the inmate started kicking the door. The CO then attempted to handcuff the inmate and take him down to receiving.

That’s when the inmate started to tussle with the officer. As they went to the ground, the officer hit hit head on the concrete floor, but was not knocked unconscious. He radioed for backup.

The inmate, anticipating he would be disciplined and taken to receiving, was walking around the dayroom waiting for the other officers. He has not been charged and that will be up to the department detectives, Stone said.

The confinement officer was taken to a local hospital, and he was conscious and alert, the sheriff said.

The inmate was not named and it’s not immediately known what charges he could face.