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LOS ANGELES (WANE) Concordia Lutheran High School student Addison Agen is on Team Miley.

Agen, a member of Concordia’s drama program, made it through the first round of blind auditions on the hit TV show, “The Voice,” and secured a spot on Miley Cyrus’ team. Agen performed a soulful rendition of Ray LaMontagne’s “Jolene” on Monday night’s show.

Judges Adam Levine and Cyrus both turned their chairs to persuade the 16-year-old Agen aboard their teams. Judge Jennifer Hudson said, “I was just a pleasure listening to you sing. Your voice is so beautiful. You’re amazing.”

Adam Levine told Agen, “Addison, you’re one of my favorite singers.” He continued, “To see this adorable 16-year-old girl singing like a grown woman who has been through some crap… We turned around so we got to see the way she performed, and you are so just full of life and power and emotion. I’m a humongous fan of yours.

“You’re the most talented person your age maybe we’ve had here maybe since Danielle Bradbury on this show. Beyond that, you’d be one of the most talented people we’ve had at any age.”

Cyrus, though, told Agen she had a similar experience singing about heartbreak as a 16-year-old and learned to master a scratchy voice.

“I have to go with Miley,” Agen told the judges.

She told NewsChannel 15 she hopes she can inspire millions with her youthful story of girl who dreams big.

“Coming from a smaller town that not many people have heard of is I think an advantage because everyone’s so proud that finally someone from their hometown is doing something so big and I believe no one should be treated differently because of their age and that’s why I think it’s really important that I’m on this show, showing other people that are my age or younger than me it’s possible to do it at such a young age and get a kick start and that it’s important to follow your dreams,” she said.

With her mom being a music therapist and her dad owning the Neat Neat Neat record store in Fort Wayne, Agen’s had an intimate, lifelong connection with music.

“I remember a time when she was maybe nine or ten, her grabbing a guitar and asking me to give her a quick guitar lesson and she said ‘I want to learn this chord, this chord, this chord and this chord,” her dad, Morrison Agen, explained. “So I kind of laughed and I did it for about ten minutes with her and then she called me up to her room about a half-hour later and played me an entire song from front to back with extreme proficiency and it was really at that point that I knew something really, really special was happening.”

Agen’s mother, Kristine Agen, has been rocking a ‘Team Miley’ shirt from the show since her daughter’s big advancement.

“We’re super excited that the world finally gets to see and hear Addison,” she said. “We’ve always known that she has the talent and focus to do something like this. At the time when the world has a lot of bad news it’s really great that Addison’s coming because she has a voice of hope and comfort and that’s exactly what the world needs right now.”

Concordia announced last month that Agen had auditioned for “The Voice” in Chicago earlier this year. A Concordia spokeswoman was only able to say Agen auditioned.

Countrywide, 43,000 people auditioned to get onto the show. Agen was one of only 48 who will be on it.

As a member of Concordia’s drama program, Agen starred in productions such as “Sorry Wrong Number,” “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” “Hello, My Baby,” and “Broadway: Bold and Beautiful.”

She is currently back in school with her regular schedule.

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