Concordia Serving Bowls Project is Positively Fort Wayne

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Using spinning wheels to manipulate mounds of clay, Concordia High School students Sydney Webber and Tessa Massucci have been learning to carefully craft bowls. “Right now I’m pinching the middle so the bowl can start to form,” said Webber. “It’s also important to make sure you pull the bowl up and be really careful not to make it fall,” said Massucci. “I just come during my lunch period once a week. “Instead of going to lunch, I come here to make bowls.”

The students are making the bowls for a school wide community service project. “For our serving bowls project, we’re going to have a chili soup dinner,” said Webber. “It will be here at the school and people will come and they can buy a bowl of chili. We’re having the chili donated. They can buy it for $20, eat the chili and keep the bowl.”

“We have about 200 finished up right now or in the process.. we’ll have a little over 200 to sell,” said Trevor Campbell, the art teacher who is leading the project. Campbell says Webber and Massucci are among 35 students and teachers who’ve been busy making the bowls for the chili fundraiser. Proceeds will go to the Saint Mary’s Soup Kitchen.

“We wanted to make sure it went to somebody local,” said Campbell. “So that we’re actually using our artistic talents to give back to the community. It aligns with our school theme this year which is “United In Service With Christ At the Center.”

“For youth group we work with the soup kitchen and we cook and serve the food there and we get letters from there asking us to pray for others,” said Massucci. “It will be cool to actually help them raise money for the soup kitchen. It’s like we’re helping people that we help pray for every week.” It cost Saint Mary’s $270,000 a year to operate the soup kitchen. Bowl makers hope their contribution will assist the soup kitchen’s fundraising efforts. “Making bowls is something most people don’t really do,” said Webber. “But it will make a big difference.”

 Concordia’s Ceramic Bowl Chili fundraiser is Thursday, April 19 from 5 to 7 p.m. in the art room at Concordia High School at 1601 St. Joe River Drive in Fort Wayne. It’s open to the public. There will be different types of chili to choose from such as: White Chicken Chili, Ohio Farmhouse Chili, Mexican Chili, Vegetarian Chili, Ground Beef Chili and Beth Webber’s Homemade Chili, made by one of the bowl maker’s parents.  The cost is $20 per person and you get to keep the bowl.

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