Cold weather could be problematic for wildlife in NE Indiana

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The recent stretch of cold weather may be dangerous for wildlife in northeast Indiana, including birds.

During this time, several bird species are migrating back north. Some species like bluebirds and robins are getting ready or have already nested in northeast Indiana. Jonas Thor from Wild Birds Unlimited said many birds around northeast Indiana do not have the body heat or capability to withstand the recent stretch of cold weather and snow.

“They’re going to be very confused when you have a snowfall like this,” said Thor.

To stay warm, birds will huddle alongside each other and perhaps get aggressive when searching for food. For those that leave food in man-made bird houses or feeders, do not be surprised if there is more activity as the weather remains cold.

“This just drives their need to get a lot of protein and fat to be able to sustain the cold weather and keep their body temperatures up,” said Thor.

Depending on whether you prefer the extra wildlife near your home, you could leave out snacks that are high in fat, such as unshelled peanuts. If you don’t prefer the extra visitors, it’s suggested to get protection for your feeders.

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