Wind to thank for ‘Clumsy flyers’, fewer mosquito bites

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The annoying bites of mosquitoes have not been as common as last June, but after the heat and humidity of the past week, we can expect that to change.

Mosquitoes only need temperatures around 60° to start to breed but their activity gets a boost in hot and humid conditions like we experienced last week. The rain and storms also provided areas of standing water for them to lay their eggs.

Those in wooded areas will always see the highest mosquito activity. However, for those areas with less foliage, the late spring seems to have been light in terms of the mosquito population. In addition to dry stretches limiting breeding grounds, we also have the wind to thank for making it seem like the mosquitoes weren’t around.

“Another factor this year that makes the mosquitoes seem like they are less of a problem is the amount of wind we have dealt with every day. So you look back from the beginning of spring this year. We’ve had a lot of high winds,” explained Kelly Broyles, Owner of Mosquito Squad, “Mosquitoes are clumsy flyers, so when the wind is above 2 to 3 mph, they struggle to move around as much. What happened was this Saturday was gorgeous. It was warm it was hot it was humid. It was the perfect opportunity for mosquitos to get their fill.”

Calls for treatment to Mosquito Squad started primarily for ticks this spring but are now transitioning to mosquitoes with last week’s heat.

Last spring the mosquito population thrived in early June with more rounds of rain and several days in the 90s with high humidity. Our weather last week was a return to that pattern with heat, humidity, and scattered rain and storms providing a good environment for mosquito activity to increase. However, that doesn’t mean we are in for another high population year when it comes to mosquitoes.

“From what I’ve seen right now, I don’t think we are in a really high population mosquito year as of yet,” said Broyles, “but having the stagnant rain that continues to stick around for a day or two at a time you’ll see them pop in areas that may not have had a problem before.”

Eliminating that stagnant water around your home is the best way to limit breeding grounds for mosquitoes on your property. They can lay 200-300 eggs in just a capful of water, so clearing water off of tarps, pool covers, and even out of your gutters will help keep mosquitoes at bay.

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