WARREN, Ind. (WANE) – A beloved teacher and school leader was supported at a school board meeting after having his contract revoked.

Sgt. Dana Lescoe isn’t like other teachers.

He describes his students as the island of misfit toys, treats them like the soldiers he fought alongside in the Army, and gives them space to do things other teachers wouldn’t.

Students and parents alike love him and came out to a Huntington County School Corporation board meeting to make known their grievances with Sgt. Lescoe’s forced departure from Huntington North High School.

A move that many still don’t understand.

School officials refuse to give any comment on the situation.

Sgt. Lescoe says he still doesn’t know why he was let go off, why it was so sudden, and why it was so public.

He suspects the answer to his first question lies with his teaching style.

Sgt. Lescoe used profanity in the classroom and allowed his students to do so as well.

“Teachers need to wake up. More teachers need to do TikToks with their kids, and that’s a hands-down truth. They need to be relating to kids, and not grooming them to be what they were 20-30 years ago.”

Sgt. Lescoe

The timing and publicity are still headscratchers to many parents who want to know the school’s side of the story.

With little more than a week remaining in the school year, Sgt. Lescoe was walked out of the building and told his contract for next year had been taken off the table, and he would not finish the school year.

One upset parent said, “He was establishing relationships. He was connecting with the students. If this was the reason he was forced out and not able to say goodbye to all those kids I feel bad for this community. You took away a constant for all those kids.”

The future employment of Sgt. Lescoe at Huntington North High School is uncertain.

Once again, the board declined to comment on the situation at all in the board meeting.