FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The city of Fort Wayne said “delays will continue” as it works alongside strapped Red River to collect residential trash. Recycling collection will not happen this week, the city added.

Here’s Monday’s latest “solid waste update” from the city:

For this week, crews are focusing on garbage collection. Today, Red River crews are finishing garbage collections in Thursday and Friday routes and City of Fort Wayne crews are working in Monday routes.
Recycling won’t be collected this week. The City of Fort Wayne Solid Waste Department is hopeful that recycling collection will begin again next week with the B week recycling schedule. Residents may want to consider bringing their recycling bins in from the curb or alley until a regular rotation of collections can begin again.
Residents are asked to continue to set out garbage materials the night before their regularly scheduled day of pickup. We’ll do our best to provide the collection service as close to their regular day as possible. As often as possible, crews are collecting garbage on the evenings and on weekends.
The Solid Waste Department continues to do its best to assist Red River to maintain operational levels for garbage and recycling collection. We continue to utilize City staff to assist with the routes and misses that Red River is unable to service with their lower staffing levels and higher tonnage in recent weeks.
It’s likely that delays will continue until GFL Environmental USA takes over the collection service on July 1.
The City apologizes for the inconvenience during this transition period and thanks the residents of Fort Wayne for their continued patience and understanding.

A sign on a Fort Wayne recycling bin reads “Please take as trash pickup” as the city’s trash and recycling collection service struggles with issues Monday, June 13, 2022.

Prior to sending today’s ‘solid waste update,’ WANE 15 sent questions to the city of Fort Wayne about the trash and recycling collection efforts. Here are the questions, and the answers provided by city spokesman John Perlich:

Q: Does the city actually believe it can get to recycling before GFL starts on July 1?
A:We’re hopeful to be in position to do recycling collection prior to July 1.”

Q: Is the city saying there’s a chance for recycling collection before July in order to avoid discussions about a refund or credit for residents on their city utilities bill?

Q: If recycling isn’t picked up again until GFL starts, will the city give refunds or credits on residents’ next bill? If not, how can that be justified with no pickups in the month of June?
A:I’m not aware of a refund/credit.”

Q: With potential for very strong wind tonight, does the city recommend everyone pull their bins from the curbs to avoid litter flying everywhere?
A:The update does reference bringing in bins due to recycling not being able to be collected this week.”

Last week, WANE 15 reported that 2nd district city councilman Russ Jehl, who sits on the Solid Waste Advisory Board, has heard the city cannot get recycling picked up until GFL Environmental takes over on July 1.

In response to that, Perlich told WANE 15 that the city still hopes to do some recycling in the month of June.

On Monday, a Fort Wayne resident named Adam Strack said he was told by a Red River driver that there won’t be any recycling until July.

Strack said it feels like the city is putting people on hold and trying to buy time. He said something needs to be done.

“It is frustrating when you’re paying for a service that’s not being provided,” Strack said.

Will something be done, though?

As noted in the above Q&A, Mayor Henry’s office insists there is a chance of recycling collections this month, and it doesn’t appear like any discount or refund is headed the citizens’ way at this time.

On top of that, we know that monthly rates will go up once GFL takes over. You can read about that here: