FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — From All in Allen, to the proposed grocery store on Pontiac Street, Fort Wayne City Council tackled a plethora of notable city developments during Tuesday’s meeting.

The Fort Wayne Philharmonic musicians also stopped by Citizens Square during the meeting as the group continued to strike amid negotiations with Philharmonic management.

Philharmonic Musicians Attend Meeting

Members of City council voiced their support for the musicians during the meeting, but Councilman Geoff Paddock said their is nothing City Council can do to influence the negotiations.

“It’s out of our bailiwick,” Paddock said regarding the strike.

The Philharmonic musicians have been on strike since Dec. 8.

Pontiac Street Grocery Store

The proposed Pontiac Street grocery store, which has been in the works for some time, received approval for $2.7 million.

The surrounding streetscape also received approval for just over $2.8 million.

It’s a project Councilwoman Sharon Tucker has been championing for some time.

“I have a goal to make sure that we are creating access for the residents that live within the Pontiac corridor,” Tucker said.

She said this project is a key piece in the greater Southeast Strategy.

Affordable Housing in Fort Wayne

Another part of Tuesday’s agenda involved providing affordable housing in Fort Wayne as city council passed final approval for an affordable housing resolution from Councilwoman Michelle Chambers.

The resolution would incentivize building low-income housing anywhere in Fort Wayne instead of specific areas the city currently targets.

“This is a game changer for the city,” Chambers said. “What we are showing is that the private-public sector partnership benefits the constituents.”

Chambers said the projects helps give those who make minimum wage a good quality of life.

ARPA funds for nonprofits

City Council also approved a resolution to allocate another portion of Allen County’s designated American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

The funds will go to a variety of nonprofits in the area.

According to Tucker and Paddock, more ARPA funding still has to be allocated to nonprofits at a later date.

All in Allen

City Council also approved the adoption of the All in Allen plan for Fort Wayne after giving the plan a do-pass recommendation vote during the Dec. 6 meeting.

The approval is more of a recommendation as it doesn’t directly enforce council to spend money or act in a specific way.

Councilman Tom Freistroffer has been a big proponent of the project, but he isn’t the only one that thinks it’s existence bodes well for the future of Fort Wayne and Allen County.

“It provides a great blueprint,” Tucker said.