FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- On the birthday of Rosa Parks, locals are commemorating an icon of the Civil Rights Movement.

On Transit Equity Day, organizations and individuals across the nation discuss the essential need for equal access to transportation. In honor of that basic right, Fort Wayne crowds met Saturday at American Legion Post #148.

Among the groups that came together was the local bus system, Citilink, to further their work with the Racial Equity pledge that was created last year.

Speakers at the event addressed how to bridge the gap of accessibility, specifically in ways that are also environmentally conscious. NAACP Fort Wayne president Larry Gist and member Sheila Curry-Campbell spoke, along with Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry, City Council president Glynn Hines, and Citilink CEO John Metzinger.

“Citilink understands the important role that public transportation brings to providing an equitable environment in our community. We are proud to share an update to the Racial Equity pledge we made to our community in 2022. Transit Equity Day continues to raise awareness, increasing local advocacy for Citilink riders. We are excited to reaffirm our focus on Racial Equity.”

John Metzinger, CEO of Citilink
Rosa Parks_222340
Rosa Parks

Parks- who would be 110 years old today- was known for her pivotal role in ending nationwide legal segregation on public transportation systems during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, among her lifelong work as an activist.