FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Citilink is looking for drivers to address a current shortage that is impacting routes.

The company is down 11 drivers – and facing absentee issues.

“We’re having intermittent service closures. So if we don’t have a driver available one part of the service may be cancelled,” said CEO John Metzinger. “That means a passenger may be waiting for a bus and the bus doesn’t show. And that’s not what we want.”

Fifteen different routes run through Fort Wayne and New Haven, but those routes have become more difficult to run due to the shortage.

According to Citilink, the shortage is due to fierce competition, which is becoming more common in the industry.

Citilink reminded potential drivers they do not have to have a commercial driver’s license. Instead, they will now offer additional training for those who can help but do not have the license.