Citilink detouring buses Saturday during Fort4Fitness

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Citilink has announced that it will be detouring several bus routes on Saturday from 8:15 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. due to the Fort4Fitness marathon.

There will be no buses stopping at the following bus stops

  • #1: Waynedale via Broadway: Ewing at Brackenridge, Ewing at Jefferson, the McDonald’s on Jefferson, and Fairfield at Brackenridge
  • #2: Times Corners: Fairfield at Brackenridge
  • #3: Village Woods: Any stops along with Fairfield from Baker to Paulding as well as the stops on Pettit between Fairfield and Lafayette.
  • #4: Wells Ludwig: Fairfield at Brackenridge and Ewing at Brackenridge and the McDonalds on Jefferson and Ewing at Jefferson
  • #5: Southgate Plaza: From Pontiac and Calhoun to Calhoun and Paulding. Paulding to Fairfield, Fairfield to Calhoun, and Calhoun to Tillman
  • #6: McKinnie: Stops along Murray and Wallace
  • #8: Calhoun/Tillman: Any stops from Central Station, and Calhoun to Paulding
  • #9: Brooklyn/Taylor: Stops along Calhoun-Masterson, Fairfield, and Taylor
  • #9: St. Francis: Stops along Baker and Ewing

Citilink said it apologizes for any inconvenience.

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