Cicadas are coming! Is your car ready?

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Tens of millions of cicadas will soon crawl out of the earth across Indiana. While those bugs are relatively harmless they can do serious damage to your car.

“Before they come out it’s best to prepare your car,” said Ian Vernier, Safe Auto’s Total Loss, and Salvage Manager. “It’s also wise to check and make sure your insurance is covered.”

Vernier says while they haven’t had any claims related to the bugs, the insurance company is reminding drivers to be prepared.

“Insurance is there to take care of accidents, which are sudden and unforeseen events,” Vernier said. “Check your insurance. Paint damage caused by the bugs or if your swatting them out of your face while driving and you hit something, most insurance cover that.”

Cicadas are highly acidic and can do a number on vehicle paint. If the bugs sit on your car for too long they can and will eat away at your car’s exterior. Experts say that waxing your car, keeping your car clean, and putting a cover over the car can help.

It is also important to wash the windshield and remove any cicadas or their shells away from the grill. Vernier also says it’s important to slow down and keep your windows up if you see a swarm of cicadas while your driving.

The cicadas will start coming out in late July or August.

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