FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A year into the pandemic, people are still looking for ways to help their neighbors out.

First Missionary Church of Fort Wayne gathered volunteers to build foldable desks for over 100 children at Harrison Hill Elementary School. The children were identified as students who may not have some kind of table to use for schoolwork at their homes. Project Coordinator Michael Lough said they were inspired to do it after seeing a story about a group out of Baltimore, Maryland called DreamBuilders, but the desire to help is something that just comes naturally for people in Indiana.

“We are midwesterners and midwesterners care about each other so it’s a very natural thing to reach out to people in your community, build the relationship, and meet their needs,” said Lough.

Right now there are no plans to expand the project to other schools but the church is willingly to explore the possibility.