FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- If you haven’t left for the Memorial Day weekend yet, we have some last minute tips when it comes to your tire pressure. It is a task easier said than done, but one people often forget. Not being aware of where your tire pressure is can lead to an expensive end to the holiday weekend.

First, you need a tire pressure gauge – you can purchase one on Amazon for a relatively good price. Or, check your local auto repair shop or tire shop to see if they check tire pressure for free.

Then, you will need to check to see where your tire PSI is located. Every vehicle is different. Some are located in the inside of the driver’s side door, and other advanced vehicles have the PSI located in the gas cap. If you can’t find them in either place, they will always be in the owner’s manual.

Next, simply press down on where your tire valve is and see where your PSI lands. For example, if your vehicle has a PSI of 30 and the tire gauge reads 25, you may need a small amount of air in your tires. If you don’t check your tire pressure, this can happen.

“It can cause tire wear, and it will affect fuel mileage negatively, so you always want to go with the recommended manufactured pressure,” said Steve Newman, service manager for Fox&Fox Automotive Service Shop.

You can watch WANE 15 check a vehicle’s tire pressure in the video above.

Here are tire safety tips to keep in mind next time you travel.