Travel Status Information 

Stay on top of driving conditions and travel alerts by checking these resources before you head out. 


For the complete, up-to-date list of Indiana travel alerts, go to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security’s website. To see road conditions, highway cameras, where snow plows are and much more, check the Indiana Department of Transportation’s TrafficWise page.

Advisory: The lowest level of local travel advisory, means that routine travel or activities may be restricted.

Watch: Means that conditions are threatening to the safety of the public. During a “watch” local travel advisory, only essential travel.

Warning: The highest level of local travel advisory, means that travel may be restricted to emergency management workers only.


For Ohio residents or those traveling there, the Ohio Department of Transportation offers real-time traffic updates on its website.  

Sheriff’s department and EMA Facebook pages are also a valuable resource:

Drive Safely, Check the Conditions

Make sure to adjust your driving and your speed according to the driving conditions. Slow down and increase the distance between your car and those in front of you. Approach all intersections carefully in case other drivers slide through red lights.

Do NOT call law enforcement for road and weather updates. INDOT has several ways for drivers to check conditions before they head out on the road:

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