WARNING: The following story contains some graphic material not suitable for all readers

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – An arrest warrant has been issued for a Fort Wayne man accused of driving a car that hit and killed a 90-year-old woman this past Christmas Eve.

He’s also accused of fleeing the scene.


Allen County Prosecutors formally charged 28-year-old Trayvion Rayshawn Mosby late last week with a felony count of leaving the scene of an accident causing death and a misdemeanor count of knowingly operating a vehicle without ever receiving a license.

He has yet to be arrested.

Mosby’s last listed address is an apartment on Fox Point Trail, though Allen Superior Court documents suggest he has ties to Lancaster, California.

Mosby is accused of driving a 2013 black Dodge Charger that hit Ruth Ann Beyer – without braking or trying to avoid her – while she crossed the street to get back to her car after being involved in a small crash herself.

Fort Wayne Police were called to the scene of that initial crash at South Anthony Boulevard and Chinchilla Lane at about 12:49 a.m. this past Christmas Eve. Before officers could arrive, Beyer had been struck.

Witnesses at the scene told police Beyer had parked her car after the first collision and had gone across the street to talk to the other driver involved.

Ruth Ann Beyer

Two witnesses at the scene turned to talk to each other and heard a loud boom, according to court documents.

One person saw a dark vehicle going southbound on South Anthony strike Beyer, sending her into the air, court documents said.

Beyer flew a few feet before coming to rest in the roadway, the witness told police in court documents.

Another witness heard the collision, turned around and saw the Charger flee south on Anthony.

Medics pronounced Beyer dead at the scene.

Police located the Charger in a local parking lot the day after Christmas. Investigators found damage to the front of the car consistent with it having hit a pedestrian, court documents said, including damage to the windshield.

They also found a gold earring with an off-white round stone – similar to a pearl – in the front windshield wiper well.

Investigators tracked down the owner, a woman, who brought her step-father with her to speak to police.

The woman told investigators in court documents Mosby dropped her off at work on Christmas Eve morning in her Charger and was supposed to pick her up later that evening.

He never showed and she had to walk home, according to court documents.

When she confronted Mosby, he told her he hit a person on a bike, according to court documents. He then “went missing” for a day, according to court documents, and the woman claimed she had not seen her car since the morning she was dropped off by Mosby.

The woman’s step-father spotted Mosby on Dec. 27 and called police to report that he might have hit a pedestrian, court documents said. Both the woman and her step-father said Mosby might have left for California.

Investigators analyzed the Charger’s airbag control module once they gained access to the car and found there was no “dynamic braking” on the part of the driver, court documents said.

“A dynamic breaking event would have alerted the module to a possible collision and would have been recorded as a non-deployment even if there was no collision,” an investigator wrote in court documents. “There is no evidence to support that the driver made an attempt to avoid the collision by applying the brakes in an emergency type of manner.”

In the aftermath of the crash, Beyer’s family pleaded for the driver of the car who struck her to come forward.

“You know, a person who hits and runs, I don’t know how much of a conscience that person has, but if you are seeing this news report on TV, I hope that you do call the Fort Wayne Police. Take responsibility for what happened,” Beyer’s daughter, Cindy Rose told WANE TV at the time. “You are aware that you hit somebody on South Anthony. I just ask that you come forward and be known.”

Mosby is described as 5 foot 11 inches tall, 190 pounds,