FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A family is looking to open a cafe to help cats find their purr-fect home.

Co-owners Emily and JulieBlack Forest Cat Café is going in at Joann Plaza off of Coldwater Road.
It will be located between Plato’s Closet and Pet Supplies Plus. It is not open yet, but once it is you will be able to grab a cup of joe and reserve a slot to spend time with adoptable cats.

The family are big cat people and have visited several cat cafés in other cities. After hearing about the rising cat population in Fort Wayne, they figured a cat café could be a great solution to finding some of them homes.

“We’ve heard that the cat population has been increasing in Fort Wayne a lot with adoption slowing down a bit and we’ve heard what good cat cafes can bring and how that can help with adoption numbers for local shelters,” said Emily Pressler. “We’re really hoping by providing the service to the community and to the local shelters by housing cats for them, it’ll help with the adoption numbers and help cats get adopted and find the right families for them.”

Each reservation will get you an hour in the cat room, where the adoptable pets will roam freely. The hope is that it will give people time to make a connection with the cats and fine the one that’s the perfect fit for them.

“We feel like the free-range lifestyle that we’re going to offer for the cats gives a really great environment for people to learn the personality of a cat and for a cat to learn the personality of a human to see if it’s a good match as opposed to going into an environment where cats are housed in cages,” Julie Pressler said.

The cat area will be separated from the café so that even those with cat allergies can check it out. They hope to be open by February. You can follow along with their progress over on Facebook.