Card My Yard franchise sees spike in demand during pandemic

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — When it comes to celebrating with loved ones in the year of COVID-19, people have had to get creative.

Many businesses are struggling with the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Emily McIntosh, franchise owner of yard sign rental company Card My Yard said they are seeing a steep increase in business as people look for ways to celebrate together while staying apart.
McIntosh opened the Fort Wayne franchise, which specializes in personalized yard displays, back in 2017. It is entirely run with help from her family.

“The night before the event, I can kind of sneak in the yard and set up the sign without being noticed,” said McIntosh. “The recipient wakes up the next day, opens up the blinds, looks outside, and bam. They see that sign and they’re surprised.”

Since the pandemic hit earlier this year her business has seen growth way beyond what they have seen in previous years.

“I have done almost 650 signs this year alone whereas last year it was less than 100,” said McIntosh. “Every night I’m going out and I’m delivering cards, I’m picking up cards, I’m doing about six to eight cards per night.”

What surprised her about the steep rise in demand is that it is largely the result of people searching for creative ways to celebrate their loved ones.

“I do have some social media platforms that I use such as Facebook and Google but other than that kind of advertising, it’s just word of mouth.”

She said the most likely answer as to why people are seeking businesses like hers out is to feel connected on special occasions despite having to stay socially distant.

“They’re still getting to celebrate and stay healthy and still feel special and excited about something even though everything is kind of closed down.”

McIntosh says she believes they will be able to keep the momentum going even once we’ve moved past the pandemic because the community recognition is a lot higher than it was before.

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