“Can you hear me?” scam is now targeting regular people not just businesses

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – More and more people are answering their phone and the person on the other end asks, “can you hear me?” At first, the scammers went after businesses, but now more and more people are getting the call and it’s not just in Indiana.

“Everywhere from Wisconsin all the way to Connecticut people are getting these phones calls. So I don’t think it’s just businesses- it’s everyday average people too,” Andrea Henry with the Better Business Bureau said the calls keep coming in. The person on the other end will say they’re from a home security agency, cruise line or social security services. Or they’ll just say their headset isn’t working right. But really they’re trying to get you to say yes so they can record your voice for automated purchases. “It’s called a voice signature, I believe. It works the same way as if you would click ‘I agree’ on a computer.”

It’s not just cells phones either. You can block the number but it’s likely they’ll call from another. It started out as out of area calls but now these scammers can use a service that makes it look like its coming from your area even if it’s not. The best advice is don’t answer.

“It’s okay to be skeptical in this case. It’s better to be skeptical. You know, some people don’t even have voicemails believe it or not today but they’ll call again,” Henry said.

If you do pick up, try to avoid answering any questions, don’t’ give personal info and hang up. You can call the BBB for help, they even have added an option on their automated menu for this very scam, but scammers are hard to find. “We always say wouldn’t it be great if these people would use these energies to do something good? And while it works they’ll continue to do it and then they’ll go on to something else.”

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