FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — People everywhere are getting a little bit of price tag shock when they go to the grocery store because of inflation, and it’s impacting business owners.

Brian Hench owns Ted’s Beerhouse in Fort Wayne and he is definitely noticing a difference at his restaurant.

“We ran out of chicken breasts the other day. We were a market for a short period of time. We used to sell Miller Chicken out of our case at $4.79 a pound and I had to go get some out of Kroger one night when we didn’t have any for our salad and it’s $8.99 a pound,” Hench said.

Hench knows other business owners are also feeling the impact of inflation on food prices.

Every summer, Hench also hosts a food truck event every Thursday in the parking lot of his restaurant to help other local restauranteurs.

“We just love being part of the food community in Fort Wayne and being able to support other businesses, the food trucks and people that are hoping to have a full-service restaurant someday,” Hench said.

One of those growing food truck businesses is Taste Buds of Fort Wayne. Co-owner Garrett Hudson says he agrees with Hench.

“We all kind of help each other out,” Hudson said.

Local businesses are making it work and Hudson says they are doing that by thinking locally.

“Most people around here like the butcher shops and the local farmers, they do a good job in getting you better prices than you could probably get for a lot of the commercial prices sometimes. You just got to talk to people in your community,” Hudson said.

Hench has the mentality that teamwork makes the dream work for business owners trying to thrive in Fort Wayne.

“From the get-go, we’ve had about 5 or 6 trucks that come out every week and they bring their food and we shut down our kitchen and we just take care of the drinks and the entertainment. We just sort of set up the outside as sort of a festival atmosphere,” Hench said.