FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Everyone remembers their first fender bender.

For some, it happens only a few months after they get their license.

For 16-year-old Claire Dove, though, it wasn’t her inexperience that got her in trouble – it was a confusing intersection that put her in danger of getting into a serious accident.

Dove’s quick thinking got her out of harm’s way.

Construction on the bridge where State Road 1 crosses Ely Run in northern Allen County has forced cars to share lanes at the same time. Construction workers would direct traffic coming north or south on alternating cycles, allowing both sides to flow and use the same side of the bridge.

However, when both sides of the bridge opened up again, drivers were used to sharing.

The alternating lanes. The lest lane was shared between southbound and northbound traffic until this week when both lanes were opened.

This caused Dove confusion Thursday, when she looked up while driving over the bridge and saw something that would make even an experienced driver scared.

“I was driving on the right side of the road, and I look up and I see two cars heading toward me head-on,” said Dove.

According to Dove, she pulled off into the guard railing and scratched the side of her car. Most importantly, she avoided a crash with others that could’ve ended in serious injuries.

Dove’s Father, Brad Dove, said he was concerned about others not having the same outcome as his daughter. His worry is that the traffic pattern will change again causing further confusion

“We’re thanking God for his protection over her,” Brad Dove said. “I don’t want to see anybody get hurt.”