FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A room at Humane Fort Wayne has been temporarily turned into a weight loss boot camp for cats called “Thick Camp.”

The camp offers a low fat diet and activities such as bird watching, high jumps and string play for cats 14 pounds or heavier. In a Facebook post, Humane Fort Wayne said the goal is not to get the cats skinny but to have the cats get used to timed feedings, moving around their environment and adding more activity to their routine.

“When free fed, or when provided a full bowl of food 24 hours a day, we see cats start to carry about 5-8 extra pounds of weight on their joints and organs. It can cause long-term and expensive health issues and most of this is avoidable by measuring portions and adding play to your cats’ day,” the post said.

Humane Fort Wayne currently has a livestream of the thick cats which can be viewed on its YouTube page.