Boil water advisory continues in parts of Fort Wayne into night

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Three large areas of Fort Wayne are under a cautionary boil water advisory until 2 a.m. Saturday morning after the water treatment facility lost power late Thursday night. 

An updated map of affected areas was released by City Utilities Friday afternoon. 

According to Fort Wayne City Utilities, a vehicle crashed into a high voltage power line around 7:30 p.m. Thursday. As a result, Three Rivers Water Filtration Plant lost power for a few seconds.

City Utilities said the plant’s high service pumping system responded appropriately, but distribution system pressure did drop because of the outage. That allows for the possibility of bacteria from ground water getting into the water lines.

As a precaution, City Utilities contacted the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to advise them of the situation. 

Since then, water crews have tested samples from around the city to make sure chlorine levels are good and no bacteria got into the water.

Officials said all of those tests have come back good, but they’re going to leave the boil water advisory in place out of an abundance of caution.

The boil advisory affects three distinct areas in the northwest, southeast, and southwest parts of the city. Water officials said they narrowed down those areas through a system ananlysis and tests.

The boundaries for each area are as follows:

  • Northwest
    • North Boundary:  Washington Center Rd
    • West Boundary: Hillegas Rd
    • South Boundary: State Boulevard from Hillegas to Sherman and Vance (extended along Spy Run Creek) from Parnell to Sherman.
    • East Boundary:  Parnell Ave
  • Southeast
    • North Boundary:  Pontiac St
    • West Boundary: Fairfield Ave
    • South Boundary: Paulding Rd
    • East Boundary:  Hessen Cassel
  • Southwest
    • North Boundary:  Airport Expressway
    • West Boundary: Smith Rd
    • South Boundary: Ferguson Rd
    • East Boundary:  Airport Drive

During the boil advisory, City Utilities water customers should use bottled water or boil any water to be used for drinking, food preparation, making ice, and brushing teeth. 

Water from the tap should be brought to a rolling boil and boiled for five minutes. It can then be cooled and used for consumption. 

The water is safe to use without boiling for bathing and other uses that do not involve consumption.

City Utilities has notified its major customers, including hospitals, schools, and food manufacturers about the boil advisory. 

Fort Wayne Community Schools alerted students and parents via a tweet, mentioning the impacted facilities. 

Bishop Luers High School dismissed students at 11 a.m. as a result of the boil water advisory.

Customers were asked to share information about the boil advisory with friends, neighbors, and other customers in the affected areas. 

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