BLUFFTON, Ind. (WANE) – A popular Bluffton BBQ restaurant that saw support in defying the state’s mask mandate has been closed by the Wells County Department of Health. The owner of Yergy’s posted a picture of a ‘closed’ sign on the door on the restaurant’s facebook page.

The health department took note of the business after getting several complaints that employees were not wearing masks inside the restaurant. According to the county’s environmental health specialist, Brandi Schorey, the department of health issued a verbal warning and cease-and-desist order before forcing the closure of the restaurant. She added that a decision to close would be based on continued complaints.

A visit to the restaurant by WANE 15 Thursday found some employees wearing masks, but not all. Among the maskless was Yergy’s Owner Matt Yergler. He did not want to comment on the previous week’s events, which included a strong showing of support by customers.