Bikers Against Bullying support student to stop bullying

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Bikers Against Bullying will gather at Price Elementary School today to show their support for a student that is being bullied.

The group will be at the Elementary school’s entrance with their motorcycles lined up as soon as school is over.

Jacob shared that he had been called names and pushed at school. Today he was shown a different message, one of love. 

Jacob said, “Even if you’re the one getting bullied there are still people out there that love you.”

Jacob’s dad Kyle Snyder was there today. Kyle said, “It’s really touching to me, the love and support that everybody in the community is reaching out to my son, and it will help him to see that there are really nice people out there that are willing to give their love and support and that not everybody is bad.”

Social Media posts are circulating through military organization pages growing support for the student.

The United Motorcycle Enthusiasts organized the event, if you want to learn more about them, click here.

Fort Wayne Community Schools is aware of the bullying issue.

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