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Denise Hunter is a bestselling romance author with 30 novels to her credit. Two of her novels have aired as Hallmark Channel movies.

Hunter told WANE 15’s Terra Brantley it all began with the passing of her grandfather. “When my grandfather was on his death bed I really started thinking about the brevity of life and I didn’t want to have any regrets when I reached the end,” said Hunter. “So within just a couple of weeks of his passing I started my first novel.” 

For Hunter that first novel was Stranger’s Bride. It launched her best-selling writing career 22 years ago.”Back in 1996. I wrote it free hand my first novel, because I didn’t have a computer,” Hunter laughed. “It was hard. I didn’t know how hard writing was until I started writing. I used our libraries here a lot just to figure out how to get thru it.”

This Fort Wayne wife and mother of three figured it out. Over the last 22 years while taking care of her family she has written 30 romance novels. “I wanted to be a homemaker first. I wanted to be their mother first so I wrote during their nap times and sometimes it was only a page a day but within a year I knew I would have a novel. I wrote about a book a year for quite a while and once they started school I went to every nine months and now I write a book about every six months.”

In 2016 two of Hunter’s novels, The Convenient Groom and A December Bride, aired as Hallmark Channel Original movies. A December Bride will be shown again this month. “It actually was set right here in Indiana and it features an accidental but very public announcement that ends up being a fake engagement between two rivals,” said Hunter. “But it was shot in Vancouver. My publisher is Harper Collins Christian Publishing. They have a division that does nothing but try to sell their books to producers to grant the right to make movies. A particular producer who’s worked for Hallmark liked my work and she’s the one who’s responsible for making the movies.”

When asked what inspires her, Hunter said, “Life. Life is my inspiration. Just relationships. They’re so complex and the love relationships are especially.”

Hunter believes that home is where your story begins. With her sons now grown – one married, she and her husband, a local business man are beginning new chapters in life. Hunter plans to use part of that time filling even more pages.  She thanks family and friends and life for inspiring her to create a writing legacy.

“Kevin my husband of 29 years has been a wonderful support. Thank you honey I’m so glad to be doing life with you. My kiddos Justin and Hannah, Chad and Trevor, you make life an adventure. Love you all.”

Hunter’s book A December Bride, will be shown on the Hallmark Channel Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 at 12 p.m. Hunter is working on more novels. You can keep up with her work by visiting her website.

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