FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s no joke. Prices of seemingly everything have gone up in the past few years, if you’re listening to the experts.

But one local business owner says that one of his staple products has stayed the same.

“And my ground-beef we sell to people hasn’t gone up at all since last year, has it Christine,” said Tim Didier, long-time name in the meat Fort Wayne meat business, while his sister sat next to him and nodded.

Christine Didier, owner of the meat store that still bears Tim’s name, said the same thing Tim did:

Beef prices are either the same or falling.

Tim Didier let us look at his customer contract pricing sheet showing beef sales numbers from last year, and almost everything is down.

The only cut of beef that is up is beef ball tips – which are a boneless cut from the top of the hip.

Other popular cuts of beef are down. Ribeye is down roughly $2.75 a pound; brisket is down $0.53 a pound.

Meanwhile, pork is fluctuating depending on the cut you get.

Tim Didier says to especially watch out for bacon to jump in the coming weeks, and if you’re able to stock up on a few pounds in the freezer.

“Every year at this time of the year it (bacon) goes up. And it’s going to go up 50 cents to a dollar a pound, maybe more. But comes right back down at the end of September,” said Tim Didier.

Some cuts are up; some are down. So, pork is hovering where it was (or in some cases, trending down), according to Tim Didier. Chicken is up, but he says fears about meat costs rising at an alarming rate are overblown.

“Higher prices on steak yes, but not nearly where they were last year. I remember in covid times when we were paying $40 to $42 per pound for Filet Mignon.” said Tim Didier.

Ultimately, he thinks consumers should dig in and try to understand the meat market and how it works before purchasing meat.