FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Feeling like 100 degrees outside? How about cooling off in a freezer in temperatures twelve below zero?

That’s where some people work every day inside Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream in Fort Wayne.

The giant freezer can hold 5,200 pallets of ice cream before they are shipped out across the country. Thursday’s temperature inside the freezer was twelve degrees below zero. In the winter, it gets down to negative twenty degrees.

Only about 30 of the nearly 500 employees at the Edy’s plant work in the freezer, but they say they don’t mind the cold.

“We’ve got all this [personal protective] equipment we give employees. We get used to it and many of us have been here quite a while and your bones just get used to it. We eat a lot of food. Eat a lot of food and get those calories and it keeps you warm,” Greg Sordelet, the supply chain manager, said.

The employees who work in the freezer rotate in and out every thirty minutes or so. The forklift cabs are also heated to 40 to 60 degrees.

Freezer storage inside Dreyer’s/Edy’s Ice Cream

On a hot day, Sordelet said it’s great to work in the cold freezer.

“Our loaders, when they go out to talk to truck drivers, you just start sweating and then you come back in here and get free air conditioner,” he said. “I love working here!”

The Fort Wayne Dreyer’s/Edy’s plant is the largest Drumstick producer in the country, making 3.4 million Drumsticks every day!