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Banks asks Navy to name ship USS Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Rep. Jim Banks has asked the U.S. Navy to name a combat ship after Fort Wayne.

In a letter to Richard Spencer, the Secretary of the Navy, Banks asked that a U.S. Navy littoral combat ship be named the U.S.S. Fort Wayne. Littoral combat ships are small surface vessels designed for operations near shore.

"Fort Wayne represents the American spirit and embodies the multi-ethnic blend of Native Americans, German, Irish, and Burmese cultural traditions," Banks wrote.

Banks wrote that the Fort Wayne area has been home to key national security leaders like former Vice President Dan Quayle and current Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats. Former National Intelligence Director James Clapper was also born in Fort Wayne.

Banks also cited the key naval capabilities that are produced in Fort Wayne, like the Navy's anti-submarine warfare capabilities like sonobuoys. The U.S.S. Indiana BB-58 ship's anchor is on display in Fort Wayne in honor of its World War II Pacific Theater accomplishments, Banks said.

"A Navy vessel bearing the name U.S.S. Fort Wayne would convey the American ideals of freedom and patriotism to honor those serving in the U.S. military," Banks wrote.

The names of new Navy ships are personally decided by the Secretary of the Navy.

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