Backyard pool rentals making a splash in Fort Wayne

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – While the warm temperatures are still around, a newer service in town lets you enjoy your neighbor’s pool. The service is called Swimply and it’s a lot like the process of renting a place to stay but instead of a room, it’s for a pool.

Pool owners who are looking to offer their pool go through a vetting process with Swimply before they can open up their backyards. Once cleared by the company, homeowners are able to rent out pools by the hour.

The founder of the company realized in 2018 that his neighbor’s pool was going unused. When he asked if he and his siblings could use it the neighbor said no but when he offered to pay the neighbor by the hour, they warmed up to the idea.

Vice President of growth at Swimply, Sonny Mayugba says that homeowners are taking home anywhere between $5000 to $10,000 each month. Swimply saw 4000% growth last year throughout the pandemic, significantly in Canada. In 2021, there have been over 75,000 bookings so far.

Currently there are three pools offered in the Fort Wayne area through Swimply. One of the homeowners has had great success and have rented their pool around 40 times this summer. “I guess it could be as successful as you want it. We’ve paid for the chemicals for the pool, we put in a new waterline outside, we have a sink and a toilet out here, so it has definitely been beneficial. We love sharing our pool with people, it has been great so far,” Tom Devine, pool owner says.

Mayugba says, “Fort Wayne is a growing market for us. Right now but there are 10 pools on the waiting list.” The company is receiving 100 new requests for pool listings each day. Each pool features different amenities, services and add-ons to make your experience what you’d like. “We’ve had people come to a party and book for a party, the biggest thing is having repeat customers,” Devine says.

Homeowners are available to customers throughout the experience as needed. Owners are also able to determine if and when guests can rent the pools. Swimply is the primary insurance for every experience. The company offers $1 million in liability coverage and $10,000 in property damage in the case that something were to go wrong.

Rent for the Fort Wayne pools range from $35 to $60 by the hour. Swimply now has over 20,000 pools listed across the United States, Canada and Australia

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