AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) — The city of Auburn is one step closer to finalizing its new master plan.

An open house was held Thursday night to show the community what’s in store for Auburn over the next 20 years and get their input. Auburn’s last master plan was developed back in 1987 and Amy Schweitzer, director of Building and Planning Development for the city, said that its time for a new plan since the city’s priorities are very different.

“I think a lot of the issues are different now,” Schweitzer said. “We’re seeing a lot of revitalization in our downtown, a lot of push for trails, emphasis on diversity and housing types in small communities.”

Part of the plan calls for a more walkable Auburn, with connected parks and neighborhoods near small commercial spots as well as consolidating access points to some roads in order to make for safer travels for pedestrians.

Focusing on what the community wants, like more housing options, is the key to keeping Auburn growing.

“If we’re going to really see a growth in population, we have to get some diversity of that to allow either people who are nearing retirement or empty nesters and want to downsize or even young people who are looking for a way to start need something maybe an alternative to a single-family detached house,” Schweitzer said.

Also included in the plan, future development for the area of I-69 and C.R. 11-A, where the Auburn Auction Park is located. Along with better traffic flow, the plan proposes a mixed-use space with an emphasis on recreation, entertainment and art.

The plan does not mention the new sports complex proposed for the space back in July. However, graphics show the possibility of several soccer fields and baseball diamonds in the field across the street from the complex.

You can read the full plan here.