FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Nicolle Ginter is a Fort Wayne mother, wife, and professional artist. She studied art as a child and has been a graphic designer for 17 years. After working in the corporate world for a long time she’s finally living out her dream of running her own business, VimAnnVigor Design Studio.

“I just got really excited that I could be an artist, I can be a creative and make a good living because as a kid that always felt like an unattainable goal,” said Ginter. “It’s exciting at this point in my life, in this point in my career, that things are shifting a little bit and that I’m doing something new.”

VimAnnVigor Pencil Case

At the table in her kitchen, Ginter sits down and creates digital illustrations. Many of them are Fort Wayne buildings, landmarks, parks, and neighborhoods. She then turns those illustrations into prints and paper goods, like notepads and notebooks, even stickers. With a degree in graphic design and fashion design, she’s also putting her illustrations onto pencil cases, tote bags, and scarves.

“I get inspiration by beautiful buildings. I love architecture,” she said. “Just looking around and seeing what catches my eye, what’s interesting, what would make for a good artistic representation of that area or building.”

Ginter has been running VimAnnVigor for 5 years. She has an online store and Facebook page. Several local retailers like The Find, House to Home, Visit Fort Wayne, and the Botanical Conservatory also sell her products, and she sets up shop at the farmers markets which allows her to meet people who don’t know about her business.

A VimAnnVigor print

And as any businessperson knows, there’s no better feeling than a sale. For Nicolle Ginter, it’s even more special knowing it’s something she created.

“It’s really fun for me to have a concept and go through the whole design process, the drawing and creating, sometimes starting over,” she said. “But then when it’s all done, and I’m like holding it, finished, it just feels really rewarding. And it’s even more rewarding when people like it and they want to buy it and it’s like, okay, I made that and you want it for yourself or you want to give it to someone and that just feels really special.”

VimAnnVigor’s reach is both near and far. While Ginter does most of her business locally, she’s received orders from as far as California, and that’s something she’s proud of.

A VimAnnVigor sticker

“I find people all over the country. I get a lot of people online order stickers or magnets if they visited Fort Wayne. They like to have a little memory of that,” she said. “Every time I get a Fort Wayne order outside of Fort Wayne it always feels like oh, that’s so fun that they, someone, had some connection to Fort Wayne along the way and they want to remember it.”

Not all of Ginter’s products are Fort Wayne-centered. She’s lived all over the country so she also creates pieces featuring different states, and national buildings and landmarks. She also makes holiday cards, ornaments, and custom pieces.

Ginter prints all of her own products right now, but if and when she expands to create more clothing, she’d like to work with and support other local businesses in that venture.

To find out more about VimAnnVigor, click HERE.