Army Worms damaging farm fields throughout Indiana

Local News

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A unique species of worms is hurting farm fields throughout Indiana: Army Worms.

Experts with the Purdue University Extension tell us that when the remnants of Hurricane Fred came through the Midwest in August, moths were blown into the state. They laid eggs in shade covered areas near farm lands and those eggs hatched last week.

“There’s a saying that they actually eat about everything in their sight, and they actually do. They just keep marching. They’re Army Worms. They just march. They form like a Y shaped, bow shape as you can see in this field. They’ve just come and marched right out of this fence line and just ate everything in sight,” said Brad Kohlhage, Adams County ANR, Purdue University Extension.

Experts say you can mow and spray immediately after to stop the worms from causing damage.

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