An apartment building in the 6600 block of John Street, in the Tamara Gardens Apartments complex off South Lafayette Street, had a fire on Friday that left 8 families without a place to live.

Today, these former residents gathered to pray with local pastors, and talk about what comes next.

“Our lives were spared and thank God for that, but what about all the other emotional things that have been happening ever since, they haven’t helped through anything.” Deena Walker said.

There are several residents with children who now have to look for a place to move.

Robin Davis shared, she lost everything.

“My kids baby pictures, i’m never gonna get that back, my degrees and diplomas are in there, i’m never gonna see that again, just nothing.”

They want more from their landlords, who have offered the suggestions of other apartments that have openings.

The Red Cross has been helping these families, and will continue to assist them.