WANE 15’s Alyssa Ivanson gave birth to a baby girl!

Chloe Kiva was born at 1:54 p.m. on Friday. She weights 7lbs 10oz and is 18 inches.

Alyssa announced Chloe’s arrival in a Facebook post:

“Six years ago today, God called my mom to be with Him in Heaven. This whole pregnancy, I wondered if we’d have the baby today.

Jon thought of Kiva as a possible middle name awhile ago – for my mom, Karen Ivanson.

When we looked it up, is was actually a real name of Irish origin meaning gentle, kind, beautiful. The Hebrew meaning is “to protect”

And for our angel to be sent to us on the day Mom went to Heaven, it was too perfect.

We are both doing great! So is Dad! Just had a busy day of skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, moving rooms, first bath etc.

I didn’t know if we’d have a girl, but I bought the flower robe and swaddle set in case because it reminded me of my mom’s five petal flower doodle. Little did I know how connected Chloe would be to Mom.

She also looks just like Jon when he was an infant!

Welcome to the WANE 15 family, Chloe!