FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The future of Fort Wayne parks in the palm of your hand.

Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation has launched a new website that you can use from your phone or computer and will allow residents to contribute to the new 10-year Comprehensive Planning Project.

“When residents tell us what they enjoy about Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation and what they’d like to see in the future, that feedback is used to bring more value to our parks system,” said Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Director Steve McDaniel.

The feedback is gathered by users dragging comment bubbles onto a map of Fort Wayne to provide specific feedback about things they would like to see added to parks or to point out perceived issues.

“We really want to understand what people in the community want,” said Alec Johnson, the deputy director of Planning and Development with Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation. “The benefit of this as opposed to a survey where we have stock questions you answer, [is] this gives you the opportunity if you have an idea that might be a little different or that might not be expected, it’s a great place to put that idea.”

The platform boasts more than just commenting as the platform also allows public interaction with comments that are made.

“There is also the opportunity to comment back and forth almost like a social media platform,” Johnson said.

This will help generate ideas and show the department what ideas are popular.

The website will collect data for at least two months as Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation builds toward releasing a final, fine-tuned 10-year comprehensive plan.

You can leave comments on the public map, or even take a survey on the Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation website.